My Apple IIe

My Apple IIe, Rev. B motherboard, as of May 2005. I have spent an amount of time measurable in years in front of this machine. I have just completed repairs on a number of minor internal problems that come with age. All were DIP socket-related.

- 128k
- Two Disk ][ drives
- VGA monitor (Cheese Box adapter)
- Kraft joystick
- Apple Super Serial Card
- Mockingboard C

This machine is tightly linked to the PC, which serves as mass storage thanks to ADT. The software, therefore, is preserved indefinately as my hard drive data is redundant.

I also own two or three GS'es (incl. one decked out with hard disk, MIDI adapter, and Transwarp) but I have always liked the IIe the best.

Apple ][ Forever