Apple II

Mimetics 'new CMS' aka GeneSys

Images of the Mimetics 'new CMS' aka GeneSys


Apple ][ Rev 1 Communication Board

From eBay...

Classic Apple ][ Hardware..


Apple II Disk II Low Serial Number Photo

The recent conversation on low serial numbers reminded me of this photo. It was taken in March of 2010 while the Huston Bros were preparing to sell S/N #1 on eBay. S/N #1 has Shugart mechanism S/N 4 inside I think. I believe Woz has Shugart S/N 1. S/N 2 has Shugart S/N 2 inside.


Zip Chip II-4, for Apple ][

I bought it before they were available, direct from Zip Chip. It was 8-10 months before I received it... This would have been like a Predecessor to KickStarter, sending money, in Advance, so you can get one of the First Ones...

The Bottom is like a White Ceramic, with I believe the Trademark Symbol for Teledyne..


a2 video test



Air heart Video comparison

a2 NTSC airheart comparison


Chess Club screenshots on Dura-Network

Chess Club on Dura-Network


Apple II 12K system with Datanetics keyboard

Hi Applefritters,

Here is a picture of my original Apple II Rev. 0 12K system with Datanetics keyboard from 1979 that still works.
(Notice the 4K memory blocks along with unlabeled non-serialized power supply (fresh from out of test at the time.))



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