replica I kits developing

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replica I kits developing

Hi! I'm new at this cool site. I'm Luis from Spain and I'd like to know if I'll can buy a replica 1 kit 3 months for now... did Vince Briel stop shipping at future?

thanks very much

Regards, luis

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Hi Luis, I'm confident Vin

Hi Luis,

I'm confident Vince will still be shipping his kits thre months from now. All the files needend to produce the boards are either included with the book or available on this website, so if for some unforseeable reason he should have to stop, I'll either begin producing them myself or find somebody willing.

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How exactaly would i go about

How exactaly would i go about buliding one from scrach, where would i get a ciruit board from? i know a store where i could probaly get the chips and stuff but i am confused about the board.

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You can get everything you ne

You can get everything you need here:

or here:

If you want just the circuit baord and programmed IC's they are available or the full kit is available. I don't have any plans on stopping production at this time. As long as people want the replica 1 I will continue to make them.


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some questions more...

I have 2 questions more:

1- If I buy a replica 1 kit, will I can connect it to composite video in a pal TV?
2- I'm thinking about building my replica from scratch, using schematics available here and files to record into chips...but I can't find Apple 1 rom + basic as it is recorded into raplica 1 rom. Is that file a free one? can I do that for myself?

thanks very much for your answers Wink

regards, Luis

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The replica 1 was created for

The replica 1 was created for NTSC.

The Woz monitor code and basic isn't available as a rom image. The monitor is in the original Apple 1 manual and I believe basic was posted but if not, I'll send it in to be posted.

My first replica I created with solderless breadboard and my second one was with wirewrap. Both methods work but the wirewrap is more stable.


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oh a bad thing

So what will happen if I connect replica 1 to an spanish TVs? Is there any way to convert that signals?

I'm thinking about connecting an 1233 UHF modulator... hope it to work!

a last question... how long can take to build replica 1 on a wirewrap? a year ago I made a zx80 computer on one of these and I was working for 2 weeks.. but I think is a cool way to build that computer Smile

about apple 1 rom... maybe I'll order all the chips at future, so I'll quit myself a lot of problems

thanks again!! Luis

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You would have to reprogram the Video section to work at PAL mode,
i think Pal is 50Hz instead of 60, revisa el sitio de wikipedia
PAL, viene bastante explicado y trae links a otros sitios...

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mmm.. but what happens if I connect replica 1 directly to a PAL TV? I've red at some pages that I could see the image but without colour... so that's no important because I'll use a B/W TV.

I don't know if I have enough knowledges to programming for myself that circuit (I have experience with some PLA chips like 16V8) if someone could tell me how I can modify that, I'll be so pleased!!

thank you very much for your response Wink

PD: no me aclaro mucho con wikipedia la verdad... pero gracias!

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Pal TV

I use Replica 1 with PAL TFT display equipped television, without any problem (as the Apple 1 picture should be only black and white, I can't tell you, if the colors are displayed or not).
Modern TV's can catch NTSC picture from Replica 1. But, you have to try the particular television with Replica 1...

I've tried it also with older video (composite sync) monitor, and it remained black, but it was not pure PAL monitor, because twenty years ago we used SECAM in former Czechoslovakia.
My experiments with Apple II+ and IIgs shows, that the NTSC can be displayed on PAL without colors, but Replica 1 is a bit different beast.

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No worries... what about PAL?

No worries...

I just had the same question a week ago, in this thread 'How naiv - what about PAL?'.

Since the Apple/Replica I is using no color there's nothing to worry about.

Most PAL video-monitors and PAL-TVs look at the "new-page-signal" rather than the "lines-pr-second-signal", which make them display PAL and BW-NTSC.

// m|rtinB // Ancher

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