B&W G3 with ATX powersupply, gets power but no chime or mac screen

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B&W G3 with ATX powersupply, gets power but no chime or mac screen

I have gotten a old B&W G3 motherboard, CPU, ATI Rage and some RAM. I cut the -5 volt on the ATX powersupply, and I am using the little power button on the motherboard (behind the 64bit PCI slots) to power on the system. A few LED's on the motherboard come to life, but I get no boot chime or any display. Any ideas? I have no drives hooked up at this point, I did try a USB keyboard to see if that was needed to boot, but no go. Thanks

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Not enough power consumption

It is possible that the G3 board and expansion cards do not draw enough power from the ATX psu. If you hook up a hard disk and/or CD ROM to the board, they should draw enough power to keep the ATX psu fully alive.

Also try resetting the CDU switch and/or removing the PRAM battery. Check the PRAM battery voltage too. No keyboard should be required for the G3 board to boot.


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Do the B&Ws still have the MA

Do the B&Ws still have the MAC-ATX jumper? If so, make sure to change that.

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