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Mac Classic Problem...

Hello again. Thank you to those who offered to help me find After Dark 2.0 and 3.0. I have a different problem that I've had for quite some time. Last year, I found a Mac SE and Classic in the dumpster. SE was completely fine and in good, near mint shape, but the Classic had went through the ringer, you can tell.

First of all, the hard drive went dead a day after starting it. (If anyone has a spare hard drive, please let me know, still haven't found one for it.) So, I made a boot floppy (7.5, it was the nearest boot disk I had) and I could boot off that. I could also boot off the Classic's special ROM. There's only one problem. At startup as well as once you've booted to the desktop in ROM mode, and when the hard drive was working, the floppy drive continuously keeps ejecting a disk that's not there. It also comes up with a message saying "This disk is not readable." When you click on Eject, it ejects a floppy that's not there. When you put in a floppy, it shuts up. There is an oddity in this though, I can take a toothpick, stick it between the bottom of the drive tray and the plastic bottom of the front cover where the disk can be inserted, and pry up on it, and it doesn't search for a floppy anymore.

I have swapped out many known good floppy drives, and it does the same thing, but only on the Classic, you put them back in the Mac they came out of, and they're fine again. I'm using 1.4 MB disks and this is a Superdrive. I've changed batteries, zapped PRAM, rebuilt desktop, changed floppy cables. I'm convinced that there's a problem on the Classic's motherboard. I'm just not sure what to do. Any suggestions?

Any help would be appreciated, please reply here or to


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I wonder

does that particular SE support superdrives?

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