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New to apple

Hi there I am new to apple. I just bought myself a new mini mac...I have been looking around it and found it so awesome. I just have a few questions when it comes to the mail do I add contacts, add a mail box for my deleted messages to go to and delete mesages? Sometimes the delete messages icon dissapears and I always have to go through the hassle of right clicking and selecting move to trash. In adding contacts I am just so mixed order to add do you just press the plus button? Cause i tried that and it just appeared as a blank page with nothing at all in it. Thank you...


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Better places for help!

Dear Slim91,

This board is really meant for questions about one specific Apple Mac made 14 years ago!

I'll let this thread run for a few days so that people can suggest where you might get some helpful answers. . . . . . . .


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