No Display ???

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No Display ???

Hello again everyone,

I have been building my Takky for the last few months, using a fully functional 6500's Gazelle. I'm at the completion stage.
VGA mod., Connectors and wiring harness (included 3.3v Reg.)= done.

Firstly: I built the harness and Connectors as per
(page 3 of 5)where the mounting of 630 Conn. to Analog-Conn.
*added jumper*
Monitor ID input 2 and input 1: *added jumper* from S19 to S20
Monitor ID input 0: I left S21 open (nothing connected to Analog Connector's P20, 24, 25) as the instruction said.

I tried to boot up for the first time yesterday. Booting sequence seemed normal, except there is "No Display". I waited for a while, even hear the computer talks (saying my clock is incorrect)... still no display and no signs of burns or smell from any circuits.

Secondly: I removed the jumper at S19 to S20 to installed Analog-Conn. P20 to S19, P24 to S20, P25 to S21

changed batteries and retried booting sequence several times. Still the same issue "No Display" but I can hear HDD working and computer is talking.

Could some one please help guide me through this wiring steps again? I'm really confuse on this...
Is the instruction meant to install the jumper @ S19&S20, also connect the Analog Conn. P20 to S19, P24 to S20 , P25 to S21 ???

Hoping to hear from you soon, Thanks !!!

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Video card

Have you put a video card in one of the PCI slots at all?

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Hi Tim, No I did not use a P

Hi Tim,
No I did not use a PCI graphic card at first...
But did tried installed one in PCI slot and had an additional monitor plugged to it. Both, the CC monitor and the external monitor has no display.

I forgot to mention that I did a VGA mod per:
also did a senseline mod. added 4.7K Resistor as per:

will I still need to to this mod below?
ANALOG BOARD MODIFICATION section in this link >

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