Problems with JetDirect and Panther

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Problems with JetDirect and Panther

So I'm visiting my parents for the weekend, and I brought them an extra HP JetDirect EX Plus external print server and a LaserJet 1100, with the hopes of getting the 1100 on their network so both machines (a Mac and a PC) can print to it.

I set it up as usual (I use a very similar setup at home; a JD EX Plus and an LJ 5MP), and the PC can print through the print server just fine. I set up the printer on the Mac (running Panther) as I normally would, and it uses the Generic print driver.

But every time I try to print from the Mac, all the printer spits out is a single page with some gobbeldygook about "PS-Adobe-3.0" and "RBINumCopies: 1" and "APL_DSC_Encoding: UTF8".

Anyone heard of this? Found a solution? I'd appreciate some help ASAP, as I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon.