Looking for Dual G4 CPU Card...

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Looking for Dual G4 CPU Card...

Howdy, folks!
I'm the happy new owner of a "Sawtooth" G4/400mHz. I've got it up and running (in fact, I'm posting from it), but I'm very curious if anyone has a spare CPU card from a similar model G4 that they'd be interesting in selling/trading. From what I understand, this system could use a card from a Dual-450, Dual-500 or Dual-533 G4.
Alternately, if anyone has a spare aftermarket CPU upgrade card (Sonnet, XLR8, etc.), I'd be very interested...



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Check your Uni Revision before you buy


You need to check your Northbridge revision before you look for a faster processor. If you have a Uni-3 northbridge, then you can only use single processors. If you have a Uni-7 northbridge, then you can use single or dual processors. There is a way that you can check this in the Apple System Profiler, but I find it much easier to use PowerLogix's CPU Director. You can find it here: http://plx.crmdesk.net/?_a=downloads If you are running OS 9 or a version of OSX lower than 10.3, use CPU Director 2.0b1. If you are running 10.3 or 10.4, use CPU Director 2.1.

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