Atari 2600 Maxicart flash cartridge needs Mac OS X Beta Testers

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Atari 2600 Maxicart flash cartridge needs Mac OS X Beta Testers

Hi everybody. I have been helping to develop Mac-compatible software for a cool device that lets you play games and run demos on an Atari 2600 (née Video Computer System) by downloading the game or demo from a computer with USB.

Here is the device`s homepage:

This product already works with winblows (boo!) and Linux (yay!).

I need help getting the Mac software beta-tested as it evolves. There are presently two "openings" for beta testers - one with a G4 and one with a G5. You must be using Mac OS X 10.3.0 or higher. I don`t know about 10.4 compatibility - that would be part of _your_ job to find out, if you will be a beta tester. If you want to test for 10.2 or 10.1 compatibility, that is OK too, but it will not entitle you to the discount I am about to describe if it is the only OS version you have for testing.

OK, so here is the deal: right now, the manufacturer has only two of these devices in stock. If you want to be a beta tester for this product, you should Angel buy it if you don`t already have one, (b) contact me (Abe), and (c) do some beta testing. If you follow through with all of that, and you are one of the two first to respond to this offer, you will be given a electronic coupon good for $10 off the cost of future purchases from the VideoGameWiz store (

Even if you already have a Maxicart, you are welcome to participate in the beta testing, and you will be given the coupon if you are one of the two first to be accepted as a tester and you help out as needed.

As of now, you should be very comfortable with the Mac OS X command line. A GUI version will probably be developed, but for now, our testers need to be proficient with the CLI.

For more details on the requirements, please see the following page:

I look forward to hearing from you!