Great article on building a replica 1

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Great article on building a replica 1

I came across this link the other day and was amazed to see the detail that the author went into describing the kit build. He also used a PC LCD as the display and it looks very nice.

This site should answer most of the common questions that I get from people who don't have a lot of experience in soldering.

The responses to the article bring up a good question reguarding composite TV's, monitors, etc. The replica 1 was my solution to an Apple 1 clone. In many ways it is not perfect such as the composite video. Not all TV's or monitors will work. Maybe a new topic discussing what monitors people use would be a good idea. A strange thing I've run across is old Apple II/III composite monitors don't work well with the replica 1. Yet, I came across a 4" LCD for a car TV system that worked great. The video section was a "down and dirty" method for solving terminal section of the apple 1. It only uses 3 IC's and a handfull of components. I even know a few people who have used it on PAL TV's although I don't recomend it since the circuit is designed at 60Hz not 50.