For Sale: iBook G3 700mhz with wireless - easy fix

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For Sale: iBook G3 700mhz with wireless - easy fix

I was a PC user up until March of this year when I finally wanted to see what the Mac hype was all about. I bought this G3 from a friend of mine, used it for a month, and LOVED IT. I immediately new that Mac was the way to go so I promptly went out and bought a new 12" G4. In all reality, my new machine isn't too much better than this one. A novice user wouldn't tell much difference at all. As a novice user, I know!

I really dig the 12" iBook because it is light and small. Walking around campus all day never bothered me with this thing. Most of my books are heavier and bigger than it! If I am not mistaken it weighs just over 4 lbs.

Anyway, he and I both are grad students and that is what this machine was used for. There are very light scratches on the case from normal use. I always kept it in the laptop bag (not included since I am using it with my new one) when it was not in use.

The A/C adapter I got from him had a frayed cord so I immediately bought one from an authorized dealer for $79.95 (I will include this reciept). He also took his Airport card so I bought one of those for $84.99 (I will include this receipt).

The only thing that I have known of that is wrong with this laptop is the CD Rom.. It doesn't open and I don't think the actual drive works (but I cannot be sure since I have never tried). I am sure that an authorized repair person (or just anyone that knows more than me about computers, which is just about anyone) can fix this easily. The software came installed so I never had to use it. (I am including burned disks of the software). I am not a technician but I will answer any questions that I can.


700 mhz iBook G3, 30 GB HD, 128 MB
A/C adapter
Airport Wireless Card
Burned copies of OS X 10.3
Receipts for wireless card and adapter

Asking $450 OBO
Item is also currently listed on ebay so if I sell it there first I will immediately remove this thread. I will ship USPS insured to $450.

Sorry for lack of quality in pictures. They were taken with my phone.




I know that I am a new poster here so I don't have any credibility, but if anyone is interested I do have a 100% feedback (with 14 transactions) on ebay. I know that isn't a whole heck of a lot, but it does prove that I am not some scam artist. I really just don't have any use for this machine since I bought my new one. I could sell it on campus in the Fall (not many students here in the summer) but I could use the cash now. Smile