Cable clutter solved

[thumb:7956 left hspace=5 vspace=5] The other day I complained about cable clutter at work. We have a Working Place Evaluation at work and I thought I might mention all the cables lying around my seat. The next monday when I arrived at work, I was amazed to see all the cables nicely ordered together with Velcro. Cool!

I had seen Velcro before, but always on clothes. Everywhere I've seen it, there was a "male"-velcro, and a "female"-velcro. This new (for me) Velcro had the male- and female-velcro on the same band - one on each side. This is terrific for cables.

I've used "strips" before, but if you have to move the cables around e.g. taking your computer to a LAN party, you have to cut all the "strips" over, and replace with new ones afterwards. This double-sided Velco is amazing as you can refactor your cable arrangement when needed.

This tip might sound simple, but I saved the world for me. Smile

To nearby friends and colleagues: I've bought 25 m which is 15,- DKK/m. If you order for yourself you'll have to pay 34,- DKK/m. Feel free to stop by for a meter or two.


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What keyboard is that? I'm intrigued by it's simplicity. Is it USB, ADB, PS/2? If it's full size spacing I'm impressed futher.

It's my PFU Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite. It seems that PFU has been bought by Fujitsu since I bought this keyboard years ago.

I like this keyboard, because it's so small. Now that I got a Wacom pad next to it, it doesn't fill my whole desk. The keyboard is bought back when I used Linux on a PC with PS/2. Now I've switched to Macintosh which only has USB.

The Happy Hacking Keyboard uses PS/2 and the Wacom PenPartner (1998 version) uses RS232-Serial and PS/2 for 5V power. This gives a challenge with Mac. I've got a PS/2-USB-converter and a Serial-USB-converter connected to the Mac to get this working.

Even though I like the Apple Keyboard, I enjoy the small Happy Hacking.