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Windows programs work in Darwine

I've used quite some time trying to figure out how to get Darwine working. Actually it irritates me, that there's no guide for MacIntel users.

Fast User Switching with one Key

I've created two small scripts that work together to easy make Fast User Switching.

First there's an Automator workflow, where you can insert the user name of the person you want to switch to, and the switch shell-script is in the workflow as well.


How about an Internet-Radio-Receiver - cheap, not $300.


  • Macintsosh LC, LC II or LC III
  • Ethernet Card for LC
  • System 7.1
  • Open Transport, QuickTime 4, Sound Manager
  • MpegDec

Just put it together, download a .PLS or .M3U file som the Internet for a stream at modemquality sound and setup MpegDec to startup with that file, as described in the documentation.


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