Convert Adobe CS2 installer to one DVD?

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Convert Adobe CS2 installer to one DVD?

Allright, first a little background:

At work, we do a lot of our software installs through the network. When a user purchases a license for a piece of software (say, Photoshop), we go out to their computer and connect to an OS X Server machine we have set up. On the server, we keep disc images of all the software we've purchased, so that we don't need to take CD/DVD media along with us. Anyway, so we just mount the .dmg we need to install, and it works just like we've inserted the CD/DVD (albeit slightly slower, but not too bad).

Anyway, so Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium, which a few of our users have purchased licenses to, comes on 4 installation CDs. However, in order to install CS2 properly, we have to mount all 4 disk images simultaneously. With the original version of CS, this wasn't a problem, because the install was only 2 CDs. But since it's 4 now, it's getting a little cumbersome to have to mount 4 disc images just to install the bloody thing.

I've found info on converting the Windows version of CS2 to one DVD, but nothing on the Mac version. On the Windows version, it's as simple as copying the installation directories from discs 2 through 4 to the installation directory on disc 1. But there's no such directory on the Mac discs -- on disc 1, there's just a 15MB installer app, three PDFs, and the Adobe Reader 7 installer. I tried looking for invisible folders on disc 1, but there aren't any.

So I'm asking for help. Does anyone have any ideas on how to condense these four discs into one DVD-sized disc image? If necessary, I can provide a screen shot of the Disc 1 root window, and the results of various file/folder searches (just tell me what to search for).