Considering Offers (for sale): iMac G5 17" 1.8 GHz w/ 2 GB

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Considering Offers (for sale): iMac G5 17" 1.8 GHz w/ 2 GB

Hello All,

I've found myself in a tight spot, and am considering selling my prized iMac G5 for the cash I need. It's unfortunate, because it is the only computer I have. But, I really need the money.

I am hoping that perhaps I might get enough out of it to purchase something really cheap and use the rest toward my bills. So, I'm thinking about a Mac Mini as a replacement. I say that, to indicate that I might consider a possible trade with cash for the iMac G5 if the offer was right.

I might also consider an iBook, PowerBook, etc. as possible trades + money.

I am not really wanting to sell this machine, so don't insult me with ultra low offers (please, it's hard enough already).

Basically, I want to have some form of modern (recent Mac models - not too old). So, let me know if you have a trade to consider applying. Otherwise, I'll entertain full offers and look for a cheaper replacement for my needs.

So, here are the specs:

iMac G5 17-inch (first version)
1.8 GHz G5 CPU
2 GB of RAM
80 GB HD
SuperDrive DVD-R, DVD+R, CD-R (great for making DVD movie disks)
Mac OS X 10.4.1
iLife '04
Apple Keyboard/Mouse

I do have all the original manuals, installation DVD's, retail box / packaging, and all other original items.

If you are going to propose a trade + money, and your system doesn't have OS X 10.4 Tiger, then I would like to keep my Tiger package (it's the retail box version). But, we can discuss that.

If you offer to buy the machine out-right, then I'll include Tiger as any new Mac Mini would include Tiger.

Everything is still nice and clean. I am very particular about my equipment.

I also have the AppleCare package which extends the warranty for both parts / labor and phone support to 3 years. I purchased the machine in November of 2004, so the remaining AppleCare warranty is approximately 2 and a half years. Pretty decent coverage Smile

So, you will have a nice long warranty period to protect your purchase. As I understand things, the AppleCare warranty is transferable to others. So, this should help you buy with the assurance that you are protected.

Well, with all that said, let me know what you would offer on the computer.

I am located in the United States, so this is a 110v AC unit. It will not work in 220v countries.

I will work with the buyer to secure the best and most affordable shipping service that meets their needs. I am still using the computer, so I don't have it boxed-up.

I won't be able to box it up until after things are already in motion (since it is my only computer at the moment).

I am able to accept PayPal and Money Orders.

You can contact me in this forum, by e-mail, or even this Forum's Private message service.

My e-mail address is:

I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Michael Hunter


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The computer has been sold.

Thank you for your interest.

Michael Hunter

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