Apple IIe software

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Apple IIe software

I have some software for the older Apple computers that is looking for a new home. One is a program by Spinneraker software called word writer for the IIe & IIc. New in the box still shrink wraped. It can be had for shipping or if you are close enough free.

I also have 6 copies of Adobe Photoshop ver 1 on CD that came as bundeled software with new computers. Never opened or used, Free or for shipping. I also have more software all opened and I am not sure if all of it has the program disks with them.

Sorry I do not have any operating systems. However I do have 6 hard drives out of SE 30 computers with the floppy drives., These were working drives at the time of removal and had from OS 7.1 to 7.5 along with other assorted software. They are for sale cheap.

I can plug them in to a power supply and see if the still spin up but that is as far as I can go as far as testing the drives out. So there is no Guarrenty that they will boot a machine up.

Most of the software I have is for the Apple IIe on 5 1/4 disks and I have a few 5 1/4 disks with Pro Dos on them. If intrested E-mail me at