Beige tower g3

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Beige tower g3

Hello! so i got a beige g3 tower i found at the arc thrift every time i come across g3s i buy them from this place cuz they give em to me for 10 bucks no matter what. si i get there on this particular day and i go oooh!!! beige tower! my collection is complete! so i open the side looking at a smooth 512 mb ram, 1 ghz g4 upgrade zif card and a custom mounted scsi setup where the black fan cage is supposed to be..131gb in disk spacce!!!! yeah im lovin it....its a fun machine, and i just got done doing it in midnight blue...she shines dark ad the night now....bright orange led....looks badass, but she is missing her top floppy plastic snap on panel, and the front little apple logo. does any one have one or both of those items? with the plastic panel, its getting painetd so condition doesnt matter as long as its in one piece.......

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2 quick things

First off, I have one from a 8600. Will it fit?

Second, This belongs under the Wanted area of the marketplace

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