TRADE? Blue iPod mini 6 GB

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TRADE? Blue iPod mini 6 GB

Blue iPod Mini 6 GB
USB connector
Firewire connector
Firewire AC adaptor
Original packaging, inserts, Apple Store receipt

Trade for: Powerbook or iBook laptop with a functional battery and CD for use in a college research laboratory

I purchased my Blue 6 GB ipod mini the week they were released but have used it only minimally!

With the need for a portable for simple word processing and spreadsheets for use in my college research laboratory internship, I am looking at the possibility of simply trading my mini for a (probably) low-end laptop of approximate equal value to the iPod. I don't have much money to spend during the summer months so I'm hoping that having a tradable iPod can be an option!

I don't have any specific models in mind, so I will consider just about any offers I recieve and judge accordingly.

The ipod mini is only slightly used. There are no scratches to the blue coloring save for a small crinkle in the corner and light scratches on the top white surface from being handled and in my pocket. There is really nothing wrong with it at all-- it remains a beautiful and colorful iPod mini!

Also included is a firewire connector and AC adaptor in addition to the USB connector included with the iPod package. I still have the ipod box and all the respective CD'sm booklets and the receipt from my local Apple Store.

I can and will provide photos as necessary. Wink

**If anyone would like to help a poor college student with some portable computing power it will be greatly appreciated and welcomed!**

Thank you!