problem with G4 backlight

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problem with G4 backlight

I opened my Powerbook g4 and the screen does not show. Tje backlight seems to have gone out. I can barely see the screen but it is very dark. I have tried pressing the buttons of course, that doesnt help. The backlit keyboard stil works it is just the screen. how can i fix this?

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This could be simple

First of all, try to reset Open Firmware. This is done by holding down Open Apple, Option, O, F upon booting the computer. Release the keys when a white screen with black text appears on your screen. Once there, type "reset-nvram", press enter, and then type "reset-all". Of course, don't type the quotation marks. After doing this, reset the pram by holding Open Apple, Option, P, R. Wait for it to chime 3 times. Your backlight should come back.

If this does not work, you may need to pursue hardware repair. Is your machine still under warranty? If so, this will be covered, provided that your computer has not been dropped.


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