Linksys router giving me the business on a G5

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Linksys router giving me the business on a G5


I have a client whose Linksys router which enabled him to share a DSL connection with his Mac & a PC
died last week. At the time I do *not* believe his connection was setup to use PPOE. (it is now)
I replaced the router with the exact same one. Got the PC hooked up fine. Mac wouldn't connect.
Spoke to a moronic Level 1 tech at SBC who walked me thru setting up a new connect via Internet Connect, which I
didn't want to do but couldn't figure out how to get it connected otherwise.
This worked, but my client had to now click "Connect" via the PPOE status bar everytime he wanted to connect,
which he hates.

Then the PC lost it's connection for some reason. Rebuilt that. Worked fine. Tested the Mac again. Now dead.
Cables are all hooked up correctly, etc. etc.

Called SBC again, NOW I get told "oh sorry, we don't support Linksys. You'll have to call them."
Give me a break. Should I just run the Linksys software that came with the router? Will it jack up the PC connection?
And can I avoid the Internet Connect/have to click Connect everytime conundrum? Checking "connect automatically" did not fire up the connection when I launched Firefox. TIA for your help.

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I'll work under the assumption that this is a wired connection. If it is, have you tried different ports on the router. Have you checked for firmware updates for the linksys. It's possible that the router has out of date firmware. PPoE connections can be shared via router, but it is something that needs to be set within the router.

- iantm
former AOL for Broadband tech (dealt primarily with home networking issues using the linksys router)

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my wireless card does that.

It refuses to connect to other networks other than LinkSys. LinkSys sucks in that way. I say, get D-Link. It's better for sanity, and easier on the pocket book in the long run. I am planning to go out and get a new Wifi Adapter soon. I have already had the thing RMA'd and no luck

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Ah, firmware

I forgot about firmware! Yes, it is a wired connection. So it sounds like the firmware upgrade enables the PPOE connection to be shared, or do I need to set that manually?
Thanks a ton.

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I'd vote for a firmware upgrade.

I had a lot of trouble with my Linksys until I gave it an upgrade. It's a BEFSR411, firmware is now 1.44.2, Dec 13 2002.

This page was helpful in deciding which firmware version to use.

Also make sure the router has an MTU set for 1492 or less for PPPOE.

Sharing the pppoe connection should be automatic.

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Thank you!

Awesome! That's hugely helpful, thanks. I'll try it out tonight.

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