RealVNC port for OS X? RealVNC/J/X

I've tried different VNC clients, but my experience was that the screen randomly didn't update. Bummer.

I thought that using a server and client from the same provider might solve the problem. I found RealVNC.

Unfortunatly a native port of RealVNC has not been made for Mac OS X yet. Fortunatly RealVNC has released Java source to a pure Java client. Cool.

  1. Download RealVNC/J/X.
  2. Run it.
  3. vncviewer.jar will be in your home folder.

I've downloaded the source, and patched it with a patch found in RealVNC's forums, compiled and archived it as an executable JAR-file.

Actually I've made a little script/program that does the whole thing (downloading, patching and all), that you can download.

P.S. If you want to convert it to a real applicaion (.app) it can be done with Jar Bundler if you installed Xcode.