pismo wont start

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pismo wont start

I have a friend who has a pismo that wont start. When I plug in a known good power supply, it does nothing. no lights, no nothing. havent tried a pmu reset yet. Any suggestions?

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Does the ring around the plug

Does the ring around the plug in glow? If not it is probably broken off the board. this happend to a friend of mine with a Wallstreet

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Glowing Ring?

I have a few pismo, lombards, and wall streets at home as well as clamshell iBooks. The only machines that used that adapter that glowed were the clamshell iBook because the glowing part was on the iBook's DC in board. That said, disconnect the pram battery from the machine, try resetting the power manager and pram. You may need to let it sit for a day or two with the pram battery disconnected though.

- iantm

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