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OS9 Slideshow Software

I'm building a digital picture frame from an old Bondi-Blue iBook. My original plan of running OS-X and using the screen saver fizzeled. It ran... just really slow! I guess the 32mb of ram isn't enough for OS-X lol.

Anyhow, I knocked the iBook back down to OS9.1. But I now need an application that will play through a folder of images. I know I saw an applicaiton like this here before with the digital picture frame, but with the new hack layout, I can't find the step-by-step instructions which listed the software.



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ambrosia software's 'eclipse'

ambrosia software's 'eclipse' works great

also, jpegview gets the job done

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more ram, X and VLC

Drop in a 128MB or larger sodimm and you can use VLC with X. VLC can do what you want, and more.

Edit: ooops, somehow I read you wanted to run through a folder of videos. Doh! Well, if you wanted to run through a folder of videos, VLC is great. For images, I'll second the jpegview suggestion. Also consider Graphic Converter.

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Graphic Converter is pretty good as it handles BOTH videos and pictures, so you're set either way Wink

It isn't free though...


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I use jpegview all the time to create slideshows. It's a wonderful old simple program. Get it here:


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I second...

I second, or support the person that seconded, the motion that you should use Graphic Converter. Not only does Graphic Converter display just about every image format under the Sun, it has a remarkable host of features and options. Basically, I have yet to encounter an image format that I couldn't view with Graphic Converter, nor have I required a feature that Graphic Converter did not offer.

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Slide Freebie

This is what I use with a G4 & OS 9.2.2. It's freeware.

Slide Freebie - An easy to use slide show viewer. Drag a folder of your digital camera picture files or other picture files (jpg, gif, 8bps, qtif, tif, png, pntg) and instantly view them.

Cheers, Tom
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