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I didn't know whether I should have posted this message here or in the PPC forum. I suppose either forum would have done quite nicely given what I'm seeking will run sufficiently on either machine. Then, the fact that I'm seeking older stuff, makes me think that this forum is more appropriate.

I'm looking for some software that I really used to like in my old Atari 8-bit days. I really enjoyed some of the games that were produced by SSI. Does anybody remember Strategic Simulations Incorporated? They probably made the best war simulations in the era of the 8-bit machines like the Apple II, Commodore 64, and Atari 800, etc.

Although I didn't own or know much about the Macintosh during SSI's heyday, I'm pretty sure that there were ports of their software available for the Macintosh.

I'm really itching to get back into the General's seat and command an army... Wink