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optival memory

Hey gang-

I have a 1.2 ghz iBook just purchased off of eBay with the original anemic 256mb of memory. I know that we are supposed to buy RAM from Crucial.com cause the guarantee it, but that dang optival memory is just too cheap. Does anyone have any experiences with it? I am very intolerant of Kernel Panics, having had a bunch on my older mac (450 mhz AGP tower running 10.4 server). I want to get a 1 GB SODIMM. Does any one have any experience for me? Thanks!

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I would recommend buying King

I would recommend buying Kingston ValueRAM. The RAM module is warrentied for life, and I have had good experiences with their RAM.

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my vote: OWC or DMS

I've had great experiences with both Other World Computing and DMS. Near cheapest prices, lifetime warranties and great service/support.

dan k

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