nubus video compatible with G3 upgrades in...

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nubus video compatible with G3 upgrades in...

I'm getting numerous responses looking for a nubus video card, but no one knows for sure if it will work in this configuration:

7100 running 8.6 encased in a Quadra 700 chassis with a Sonnet 266MHz G3 card.

So far I've found these (none of which have been included in what I've been offered so far) would probably work:

Radius PrecisionColor Pro 24XK
Radius PrecisionColor Pro 24X
Radius PrecisionColor Pro 24AC (ROMv1.1 only)
Radius Thunder IV GX

SuperMac Thunder II GX
SuperMac Thunder/24 (v.3.0 or higher)

Any ideas?

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The Villagetronic MacPicasso 340 - which, at the end of its life became a Sonnet product called the Sonnata 24 - will also work fine with your configuration. It's a decent card and probably slightly less difficult to find than the ones you've listed.


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An Apple or Radius 24AC ought

An Apple or Radius 24AC ought to be fully functional. It was designed to have acceleration in 68k and PPC Macs, unlike the 24GC. Make sure you get ROM version 1.1! Rom version 1.0 only works with up to System 7.5.2.

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