Palm + Mac Bluetooth Keyboard

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Palm + Mac Bluetooth Keyboard

Recently I brought one of the new Palm Lifedrives, to serve as a portable office. After my last laptop was stolen I wanted something that could fit in my jacket or trowser pocket, so I aquired the Palm.

It's a good machine, and as I wanted to mainly type on it, I got a Hp Bluetooth keyboard, which didn't work. First there was an issue with a trusted device password, then it wouldn't accept input from the keyboard (thankfully I didn't like it much and they took it back). My question is this. If I where to buy a full sized Bluetooth Apple keyboard, would the two work together. Or should I just buy a palm branded keyboard. The full sized keyboard could live in my backpack (I don't think someone would steal that) and could be wipped out whenever I wanted to do some typing (I prefer the full sized keyboards anyway, and it works out cheaper).

Many Thanks