Question regarding first generation of IDE Macs

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Question regarding first generation of IDE Macs


the i.e. Performa 580/6xx/6xxx series of Macs were the first to use IDE drives, correct? I was wondering, can I replace the original Apple-branded IDE drive with any other or does it have to be an Apple-brand drive as well (i.e. non-Apple SCSI drives can be used with a modified version of Apple Hard Disk Utility)?

Also, how does the data throughput in comparison to the onboard SCSI measure up; what I mean, is the SCSI interface still faster than the IDE, slower, or is it equal? I've modified the internal SCSI connector to use with the SCSI disk that I already had, therefore I don't know about actually using IDE drives. Hope there's someone that can answer my question. Cheers


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should be fine

I did it with an LC 630 that i modded.

EDIT: The speed of the IDE was about 5MB's, as the SCSI was about 15-20MB's

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I can't comment on the speed difference between the SCSI and the IDE but 4-5years ago I bought a new Maxtor 7200RPM 40GB harddrive for my 6500. It worked fine (I think most if not all will) and it was a lot faster than the original drive (I think that one is 4000RPM or something like that).
You will really notice the speed improvement.


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