US unmoved on control of web address system

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US unmoved on control of web address system

By Frances Williams in Geneva
Published: September 30 2005 20:24 | Last updated: September 30 2005 20:24

Washington remained unmoved on Friday in the face of international pressure for it to relinquish its exclusive control of the internet addressing system that enables the world's computers to communicate with each other.

The system is currently managed by the California-based Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann), a non-profit foundation under contract to the US Department of Commerce.

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My initial response goes something like this:

"The Internet" as it's known today, was invented here (In the U.S.). Most of the technology that made the communication possible at the dawn of ARPA-Net was invented here. I don't see what the problem is with ICANN being based in the US. If some other country can build a network better than the one we started, they can control the address and naming assignments for the rest of the world on their network.

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I really think that typo-squatting and cyber-squatting will be come bigger problems than they are today.

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business as usual

"Hello, America? This is the EU calling. Now that you've spent all that taxpayer and private money getting this internet thing working, and now that you've done all the hard work while we've spent our time bad-mouthing every single thing that you do, well, we feel we deserve a piece of the pie, because, I say this was the EU calling?"

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The title of...

The title of eeun's post says it all, "business as usual."

It's not really a shock, business and politics work along similar lines:

Angel Somebody devises or moves to implement a concept or idea.

(b) Everybody else knocks said person for coming up with such a ridiculous idea.

(c) The jealous people do everything they can in an attempt to stop said person from achieving anything with his/her idea.

(d) The losers recognize the merit in said person's idea and seek to steal the idea for themselves.

(e) The lazy bums that were too stupid and lethargic to offer anything by way of assisting said person with his/her respective idea, realize that they're missing out and seek a piece of the action.

Give rose The real losers form a committee or something in order to determine how they can spin their come-from-behind backstabbing antics into something more deserving of the credit.

Yep, business as usual!

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Ya know...

It's a lot like the total losers in the Canadian Media. I created this thing called Radio Watch Sarnia, and they said that I was wrong! Yeah, I got everything wrong and the phoney (removed) in Canadian Media placed me under unlawful surveillance! Yeah, the losers like Jim Knowles, Ron Dann, the Greens, and Mr. Richard (my head is so big I'm gonna explode" Costley-White stole every idea I had!

What was crime?

My crime was having an idea that they wanted for themselves!

Am I going to back down from these fascist (removed)? No chance in hell! This is war war Ron Dann!!!

Blackburn Radio Incorporated will not survive!!! That I guarantee!!!

Oh, and the admin of Applefritter will probably ban me for posting this and I really don't give a (removed)! I've already lost my civil rights to (removed) (removed) like Ron Dann and Jim Knowles, so losing the privilege of posting on Applefritter is really, really inconsequential.

Besides, Applefritter seems to be losing many regular and long-time contributers of late. One more lost contributer won't make much of a difference!

This is a message to Jim Knowles, Vice President of Blackburn Radio Incorporated: Your (removed) is mine, bud! You can run but you can't hide!!! And your corrupt friends are going down, (removed)!!! You wanted a war, well you're (removed) getting it, you (removed) scum!!!

Oh and one other thing... If any (removed) out there has the balls to suggest that this is about some girl, get in the ring, loser... Cuz this definitely is not about no girl! As a matter of fact, girls are the one thing that this man does not give a (removed) about! I have never done anything to get a girl and I never will! Girls are at the absolute bottom of my list of priorities. They always have been and they always will be!

War begins now, loser! Now!

And that's the one word that you don't want to hear, because it means that you (removed) lose!!!

Message has been edited for language. -BDub

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Please do not reply to the ab

Please do not reply to the above post.

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