Dude, I got a Dell, albeit kinda old and a Performa 6200 - What do I do now?

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Dude, I got a Dell, albeit kinda old and a Performa 6200 - What do I do now?

I was recently given a Dell Dimension XPS H233 (Pentium II 233, 48 mb RAM, CD-ROM, unknown HDA) with Windows NT SP5 on it. I currently can't log on because it was set up for a domain and it's been forever since I did Windows support and forget how to bypass the Domain based log in. Anyways, the machine has no network card, but appears to be in good shape. It's the Dell that came in the same case as the Umax S900, just with different bezels. I've been debating putting more memory into it and maybe Windows 2k. Is it possible to drop a faster P II or P III into one of these, or should I just use the case and use the case to build something new? It should be noted that I am paticularily fond of this cabinet design, as I loved my Umax S900 for so many reasons, the case being one of them.

Is this a good machine for Linux and windows tinkering. I really need to keep current on the Windows front as well (don't want my skills getting rusty), and I don't feel comfortable screwing around with my fiancee's eMachines. Though, 128mb of shared memory (32 of which goes to video) and a virus and spyware laden build of Windows XP Home edition does wonders for me.

Though, the person who gave me the Dell also gave me a Performa 6200 that was fully loaded with the LC III style PDS ethernet card. I haven't fired that up yet, and have no clue what I'm going to be doing with it. Any suggestions for that too?

- iantm

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I take it that the Dell is a slot 1 CPU. I have two CPUs a P II 333 and a P III 600 in a compaq DT. I also have a network card for the same. 2 new copys of XP Pro came with a Dell. Does not have the CD key as these were bundeled software with the computers and the CD Key was taped to the computer. I also have windows 2K, PM me

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With a bit more RAM in it that Dell would do Win2K very well indeed. Ive had Win2K on a rather similar (although probably not as good lookin') hardware and it handles being run on that sort of machine very well, and even better once its been tweaked somewhat, turning off the services you dont require.

Then again to avoid Windows and it instrinsically affected by ickyware, Linux would be a good option too...

Just throwing my two cents in...

-- Macinjosh

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Which network authentication

Which network authentication client is installed on that machine?

If it's Microsoft, there should be an option to expand the log-in window, then you can tell it to log on locally. (It usually consists of a drop down menu that lists the domain and then the computer name with (this computer) listed next to it.)

If it's a Novell-based client, check the "workstation only" checkbox, then re-supply your credentials.

Or, you could always hook the drive up as a slave in another computer, pull the pertinent data (programs, drivers, etc) to another drive, then format it.


The Czar

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