How can I match the IIGS woz lids to their orginal cases?

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How can I match the IIGS woz lids to their orginal cases?

Well I have done it now. I mixed up the lids for my IIGS's (about 6) and can't match the 2 woz limited edition lids to their original cases.

My research says that the woz IIGS also has a signature on the "underside" (I can't see where that is) also the woz was the "first" 10,000 units so it must be the rom 1, but some where I read that there is a rom 0 version and now I am lost to id which goes with which.

Here are the s/n's I have if anyone can help match the lids to the cases I would appreciate it.

All are model #: A2S6000. Some mlb have the IC 344$0046 soldered and some are in a socket (if that helps) otherwise the computers look very much the same.

all the s/n 's are prefixed with A2S2

- E711OUSA (socket)
- E831ZTAA (solder)
- E704P8A (socket)
- E911HLJA (socket)

and all are ending with ...2$6000C

The Rom 3's have a totally different serial number series

- E0150VJA0012C/A
- E12419DA0012C/A

I would like to get these ready to send away I am cleaning out the attic of my surplus apple collection, to make room for my silk screening station. Also, if anyone knows of a good site to trade pieces??? I need a Colour Classic to network for the library (to track my books and media) and a few other pieces for my linux project (ie. a replacement roller for the tape drive).

If no one on this forum can help, a recommendation on any other lists or groups that may be able to help would be appreciated.