WTB: Apple IIc or IIc+ complete system (maybe a IIgs)

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WTB: Apple IIc or IIc+ complete system (maybe a IIgs)

I'm looking to put together a complete IIc or IIc+ system.

I'd like to get an Apple IIc (revision 3 or better) or an Apple IIc+ in great condition (little or no yellowing).
1 external 5.25" floppy (or 2 external 5.25" floppies for a IIc+)
9" Green Screen and/or Color Monitor and/or RGB monitor (let me know which you have)

Extras that would be really nice:
IIc memory expansion card
Unidisk 3.5" drive (IIc only)
Zip Chip (I won't hold my breath on that one, hah)
Blank floppies

I would consider a IIgs system similarly equipped if you can give me a really good price. My heart is set on a IIc, but I won't resist a dirt cheap IIgs setup. Smile

Let me know what you have and what your price is shipped to 30144 (metro atlanta).
I also have some hardware I can trade with if you are interested:
Modded Xbox w/ HD, iPod Shuffle (512mb), various IDE harddrives (120 and 160 gb), and other PC parts.

Thanks you.

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attic clearing out IIGS and stuff

Here is the link to the pics of the stuff that I am clearing out. Scheduled for ebay Nov 3rd, I an open to offers. I have the IIGS's (several: woz, rom3, rom1- no monitors) and I would need to be persuaded to dispose of the mint IIc in boxes. I'll be adding to the list over the next three weeks.


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Hi, I happen to be pretty interested in a reasonably complete IIgs system with a floppy or two (def. would like a woz edition) I see you dont have any monitors up there, but if you are interested could you please PM me with what you would like for a system matching what i have described... If youd rather take your chance with eBay on everything i totally understand.. BTW that Plus setup is AWESOME!!!, carrying bag, all paperwork, everything!!! (i'd get shot if i brought one more compact mac into this house... but... damn!!!)


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My InHeritence

I loved the old guy next door we tinkered a lot in his workshop
But I am moving and the vintage Apple that I know so little has
to go. I really want to find it a good home. And would enterain
most reasonable offers.

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Still looking... :^)

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I would be interested to buy the IIc for my personal use. Can I know how much you would like for them and tell me how mint are they?.


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found something maybe...

I have the One Apple IIc with cords/cables/monitor/mouse (no software) and a dot matrix Apple printer that was known to work it.

I have never turned these items on, and do not know enouch about these models to speak of them knowledgably. I picked them up to save them form the recycler. I am in Atlanta and will be returning to Jacksonville on Thursday, where they are right now.

Their physical condition is fair, having been used in a private school. The printer is missing a part of the cover near the rear, but I do not think it would hurt the movement of paper (continuos feed).

Since these are as-is and I got them for free, you may have them for the cost of shipping and whatever packaging I incur (the printer is heavy) rolled up to the next whole dollar. Or, I can meet you after Thanksgiving on my way back to Atlanta if you are somewhere between Jacksonville and Atlanta.

PM if interested - any specific questions about the monitor being RGB or whatnot will need to wait until I have it in front of me to be answered properly. All I can tell you on that is that it connects via an RCA type plug.

EDIT - I just re-read your post and saw you are metro Atlanta! I am over in Vinnings. I will bring it all back up with me and can meet up sometime next week.

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