IDE Controllers on TL iMac

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IDE Controllers on TL iMac

There are two ide connections on the tray loading iMac. Will each accept two drives?

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Re: IDE and the TL iMac

My guess on this is a pretty good "yes."

I KNOW the IDE channel that the hard drive's on will handle two drives... instead of opting for a USB CD burner when I used my iMac, I snaked a long IDE cable out the front, and used an IDE burner stuffed into a SCSI case instead... like $10-20 instead of $250 or so like they used to be.

The CD-ROM drive's IDE channel has the connector of laptop-esque IDE so I didnt go thru the cable wizardry needed to use two drives there, but I seem to remember reading both channels are able to pull this off.

(Plus if anything decided to balk at my fugly drive, I just turned it off/unplugged it and used the standard internal drive instead...)


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