5400/200 very slow boot problem...

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5400/200 very slow boot problem...

I just got a 5200/200 from someone, it boots into Mac OS 9.1, really slow.
But getting there last about 5 to 10 (MINUTES)

When it finally gets to the desktop screen it runs fine,
but not all apps: 'the configuration hangs the system'!

It reports above 100Mb in the control panels memory option.

ahh sometimes it doesn't boot until pressing several keys,
i dont really know what is the right combination
(i push several until the icon dissapears)

Any suggestions...

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Have u ever tried it with any lower os?? os 8.x???

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#1 dont forget ur running os

#1 dont forget ur running os 9.1 on a 200mhz 603e processor.

#2 try disabling the extensions by holding shift down during start up.

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No plus I did not get the 9.1 CD

I was thinking that perhaps someone misconfigured it. this one comes with the TV and radio inputs and remote control, the guy who sold them, told me that it used to work faster but got slow, he tried unsucessfully to do something.
I have a 6400 that has the Mac os 8.0 and it is really much faster booting than this one and it does it with a lot less memory...9this one has above a 100mb i think it said 116Mb in the control panel I have not opened it yet.

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Using "About this Mac..." fro

Using "About this Mac..." fromt he Apple menu should tell you how much physical RAM, and how much virtual, as should the Memory CP. Also, "Apple SYstem Profiler" in the Apple menu will have a memory section on the first panel. It may have a drop down list that shows how large and what kind of DIMMs are installed in each slot.

OS 9 on anything around 32mb seems to run really slow. You can't imagine what it was like when I forgot I had 9 on a HDD and put it in a 16MB 5260/100 machine. Wink

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powermacintonsh 5400/200

The local school district are giving these computer's away. My sister got one. And just so happen to be one of the machines i worked on when i worked as a pc tech for the school district. Of course after putting 2 and 2 togeather i was able to get the password so i could change accounts,change tcp/ip etc. Wasnt hard. "ADMIN" as the pass. But anyway. I cannot remember for the life of me. the cmd (command) to rebuild the desktop. I know the cmd to zap the p-ram. BUT thats not the greatest thing to do with a slow boot problem. Rebuilding your desktop will more than likely increase boot time. As will solve my problem too. Does anyone know the command? Also how to setup the net on these thing's? Its been so long since iv messed with them. at least 8 year's.

Thanks in advanced! Smile

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To rebuild the desktop....

To rebuild the Desktop file, hold down the Command and Option keys while booting your Macintosh.

This is what I would suggest to remedy your problem:

1) Zap the PRAM
2) Rebuild the desktop file
3) Perform a clean install of Mac OS on your hard drive
4) Update your hard disk drivers
5) Depending on how much physical RAM is installed in your machine, turn Virtual Memory off.

These steps should give you a vintage Macintosh that performs at optimum levels with the version of Mac OS that you have selected.

You should also disable all unnecessary control panels and extensions. If you have a huge number of unused fonts on your system, you may want to trim your fonts folder down a bit, as well.

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