1400, 2400, 3200's , 5300 and stuff or sale

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1400, 2400, 3200's , 5300 and stuff or sale

I need money to make some car repairs, so I need to clean out the fun closet. Boo hoo -- my loss your gain. help me out!

All systems boot unless noted and have 8.6 loaded.

5300 won't boot. Don't know what it is but the case is in good shape.

1400c/133 48mb ram 4.5 G hd has battery,will boot from battery. Great little system - fun to use, working fine.

2400c/180 80Mb ram, 1.3 G hd -- I am not going to part this out. It is too sweet as it is. It has the matching floppy, a battery (tho the battery seems to be shot) ac power, and a cd rom. Also a little leather case. very sweet.

3400c/ 180 16mb ram 1.3g hd -- missing corner covers -- but that's just cosmetic. Works great.

3400c/200 80mb ram, 1.3 g This one has a wonky power input connection. It works, but you need to prop up the cord with a magazine or something. I meant to fix it -- just didn't get around to it.

You guys know what these are worth. Make a reasonable offer for one or more of the above systems. I used them for word processing and e-mail. Most have both dialup modems and ethernet connections. I used the 3400's for digital image processing as well. They are well used, but still have plenty of life left.

Parts and stuff

Cd module for 1400 with broken door (have a door, just never fixed it, cd works just fine)

floppy module for 3400.

Cap Sure usb video capture device mac/pc
56k pcmcia modem card
Macally pcmcia usb card -- I used this successfully on the 3400's usb 1.1 (I was able to use it to connect my digital camera and a cd burner, as well as the acom smartcard reader.)
Acom Data usb smartcard reader -- worked great -- but then I realized I could just plug the camera right in and have it load as a mass storage support device, so it didn't get a lot of use.
obo Iomega zip drives one with a power supply, one is missing a power supply. Serial, with the auto-detect cable.

Make me an offer on any of the peripherals. I'll haggle until we are both happy.

You want the lot? Take it for $500. I have pictures and can get an estimate on shipping. I'm near Columbus, Ohio if anyone wants to pick up. Please please buy yourself some fun and help me keep my wheels on the road.

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How much would you be interested in selling that 3400c with 80MB RAM for?

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