Mac SE and 128k floppy drive switch questions

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Mac SE and 128k floppy drive switch questions

Alright, so I've got a Mac SE, 800k floppy drive, 4mb RAM, 20mb HD. My brother has a non working Mac SE with a Superdrive and a non working Mac Classic. Is it possible to switch either the Superdrive or the Classic's drive into the SE? Also, would it be possible to swap the 800k drive from the SE into a 128k?


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flop swap


Yes, you can put the Superdrive in the SE IF you upgrade the SWIM ROM on the SE. What's wrong with the non-working SE that your brother has? Easiest way is to swap mobos and floppies since I'm not sure how available SWIM ROM might be these days. Don't know about the 800k in a 128.

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re: Mac SE and 128k floppy drive switch questions

Ahearn's advice to swap MLBs between SEs is good.

As for a 800K floppy in 128K, it can be done, but you'll need either a set of 512KE/Plus ROMs installed or you'll need to boot from an external 400K drive. The 128K cannot boot straight from an 800K drive. Now exactly what you intend to do with an 800K 128K mac I dunno, but it is possible.

Frankly, were it were me, I'd just slip a Mac Plus's guts into the 128K shell, reserving the original 128K MLB and other bits in a safe place for posterity. If your 128K's MLB is original along with the analog board, I'd for sure go this route. Those old parts are getting scarce, especially in working condition. The Plus parts are more robust, and much more common.

dan k

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