Network Server 500/700

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Network Server 500/700

Hit me some details if you have one.

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ANS 700

clean, excellent condition, have the key
110MB parity RAM (can't find parity RAM anywhere)
200MHz Proc
RAID card
graphics card (brand?)
100BaseT Ethernet card (brand?)
scsi controller boards in ALL of the drawers (+ 2 empty extra drawers)
CD-ROM drive
tape drive
9GB & 3 X 4GB scsi drives (so one drawer is still empty... but, again, has the controller)
dual PSUs
AIX installation discs

Boots to OF
wanted to put NetBSD on it, but never got around to it, had the pdf with excellent instructions on how to install it on a ANS w/ RAID, but lost that in a HD crash at the end of Spring... been looking for it ever since... if anyone knows where the heck that pdf for NetBSD on ANS w/ RAID is, please let me know.

Heard rumors (actually, uh, read them... old posts of someone claiming to have seen pictures of it) it would boot to some pre-DR1 version of Rhapsody... aquired DR2, but have done nothing (Dr. Bob seems to think it just won't work... I don't know where to start).

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I'm very interested. Where

I'm very interested.

Where are you located? How much are you looking to get? Hit me with a private message.

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