540c powerbooks

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540c powerbooks

Four 540c powerbooks for parts. These powerup but have no OS. They have cracked cases, bad hinges and so on but good LCDs, keyboards. As they power up and chime when they power up I would assume the logicboard is good. These are no batterys, I used an AC adaptor to power them up. these are sold as parts only machines. You get the whole machine to do with as you want.
$27.50 each shipped via USPS, flat rate priority mail

A few keyboards, two of the Apple Pro keyboards in very nice condition, quite a few of the Apple USB keyboards, all working and in nice condition $17.50 each shipped

Lots of 10Base T/100 ethernet cards all PCI. they Are Apple, kingston, Farallon and AsanteFast
$7.50 each shipped. Reply here or PM