Titanium display case issue

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Titanium display case issue

Hey everybody,

I've been in the process of restoring a 667 mhz gigabit ethernet PowerBook G4 (the vga model). I managed to snag a display assembly for it that was in pretty decent shape - good lcd, good backlight, and from appearances, a set of brand new hinges fitted to it. Trouble is this - the person who put the hinges on the display module didn't do such a good job with taking care of the titanium display clamshell assembly, so the metal isn't quite right and nothing is flush. The metal is curved in very subtle ways and I am trying to figure out how I can straighten it out. I don't have pictures at present, but will in the next day or so. The front bezel appears to be easily repaired, but the rear bezel (with the apple emblem on it) has all of the subtle bends that I don't know how to repair. I can't find a replacement assembly anywhere - no luck on eBay, the powerbook parts places, or even on gsx (apple doesn't consider the display assembly of the titaniums to be a technician serviceable part I guess). I want to make it right, and make it presentable and able to close the latch (due to it not fitting flush, the latch won't reach far enough. I'd like to be able to use this machine as a backup to my aluminum PB. For now, I use it in my home office - it doesn't get as hot as the aluminum.

Any help would be much appreciated. If anyone has suggestions, or a titanium display with intact casing but not so intact hinges, lcd, or other internals, I'd be interested to hear from you. Since it's been one of those back burner projects (I've been slowly putting it together since february), I'm not looking to drop a mint on this.

- iantm
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patience, patience . . .

On eBay I just saw a broken-LCD display sell for $38, so what you want is out there. You've just got to have patience. Try this search.

I doubt it'll help you now, but check out my TiBook displays page (sadly still incomplete, yet chock-full of display-knowledge goodness.)

dan k

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