The 68000 dash 30fx!

And it's mine! All mine!

This monster is the first computer that I worked on professionally. It was purchased by my employer back in 1989 or 1990, reportedly for around $40,000 (though I never saw the purchase order.) It is essentially a modded IIfx in a giant steel case with oodles of space for disk drives and cooling gear. I haven't weighed it, but it must tip the scales at well over 50lbs.

The case is all steel; the front panel has a key lock, is hinged, & pops off quick as a wink. Behind the front door is a reset switch, a programmer's switch, and an ADB lock switch. With the front door open, remove a couple of screws & the top slides forward a smidge, then lifts off to reveal the I/O ports and a row of 6 NuBus slots. With the door open and the top removed, you loosen a row of screws down the left side and the side panel swings back to reveal the interior.

Inside the case, the first thing you notice is a huge cooling duct; it pulls air across the RAM modules. The RAM that's in the thing is unlike anything I've seen elsewhere; 64 pin SIMM's that are as tall as they are wide. Huge.

I snapped a few photos this afternoon, but the lighting was poor and a lot of them came out fuzzy. I'll take some more later (using a tripod!) and will post them later for your drooling pleasure! Here is one of the top front, and another with my trusty CC next to it, just to give an idea of just how massive this computer is.


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