bought a G3 300Mhz Zif

Last night, I perused the eBay store and bought a 300Mhz Zif for my AIO G3 Beige. This will make the machine faster and more responsive under 10.3 . Hopefully it will work (as I have been told that even the B&W's CPU's will work in the beige), and it should arrive within 10-days. This should make this machine closer to being usable as a regular machine (the thing is slow as hell, even under 10.3 :P) This is just one step closer to being my main desktop.

BTW: Divx Media plays very nicely on the AIO under OS 9 (fullscreen to boot!) and is very smooth.


i have a 350 mhz from my B&W in my aio, should work great. might have to mess with jumpers....

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I have bumped the original Speed up to 266MHz with regular HDD Jumpers! And surprisingly, I didn't ruin the pins. Blum 3
It runs a lot smoother under X.3 and I will keep this the speed until my New PSU Arrives, then I'll ramp that one up to 333MHz :D/ It is soooo nice to be able to type this entry in this while Listening to "Red Hot Chilli Peppers's 'Rollercoaster of love'" And there is no lag whatsoever. This is really nice. I can't wait till the next one arrives. I had a billing snafu, but it has been cleared and the CPU is on it's way.
I am really liking this, as the only Machine I own that is not OC'd is my iBook 1.2GHz 12'. And I intend to keep it that way. Blum 3

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I have the machine successfully running at 280MHz, just off of the 233MHz Stock CPU. I have been running it for 3hrs so far, with nary a hiccup. It seems that everything is working as it should. It is on a 35MHz PCI Bus, and the MLB is running at 70MHz. This thing is really screaming...

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It arrived in the Post on Friday. I have it clocked to 350 on a 70 or 75MHz Bus. I tried it at 366 but was extremely unstable (when I opened any Media files, be-it mpeg, or WMV, it froze.) and at sometimes, the screen would turn off. it runs nicely at 350, although I have a regular PC Heatsink with fan (had to hack the connector, and it had a 3 wire connector.

I just added a 4-pin Molex Connector to the -12/+12v lines.) it runs great now. and it keeps it fairly cool. Let's hope it stays that way.

It is now a 350/256/2VRAM System with a total of 15Gb's of HDD space. It also has a D-Link 530tx+ 10/100 Ethernet Card, and a Belkin USB 2.0 PCI Card. It's pretty stable and it has 3 OS's on it: OS 9.2.2; OS 8.1; 10.3.9
In addition, I have a 20GB USB 2.0 external Laptop HDD, and an HP 8100+ 4x4x24 IDE CD-RW drive in the CD-Rom Place.