WTB: Plastic covers of Powermac G4 tower

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WTB: Plastic covers of Powermac G4 tower

I'm refurbishing a PowerMac G4 Gigabit Eth. I bought on ebay. Its plastics look like someone went skating with it.
The side covers are plenty of scratches and marks, specially the right (opening) one.
The worst is the top plastic cover (between the front upper and rear upper handlers), with a heat stamp on it (like a cow).

I would like to replace these plastic parts. The main one to be replaced is the top cover.

If you have such pieces in good condition (no scratches or marks, as it has to be for a tower), and you're willing to send them to Spain, let me know. I can paypal (certified member). Pictures of the pieces would be great.


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its too bad that doesnt match

its too bad that doesnt match my case, i would sell you my g4 case and put the guts in my B&W case. i dont care if its green or gray... the gray does look awsome though with pure see through plastic VS crappy foggy plastic.

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