Two old Apple ][+ software questions

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Two old Apple ][+ software questions


Does anybody remember an old Apple II game where you were trying to drive from one town to another? It was a turn-based thing, kind of like cross-country usa, but it was a passenger car, and there were no commodities or anything like that. I remember there was a map you kind of had to follow, and you could have random car issues, like every once in a blue moon you would throw a rod and be done for. For some reason the town name dullsville is sticking in my head, but I honestly have no idea what the game was called. I think it came out in the early 80s, because I used to play it on my apple II+ at some point around 1986 or before.
And second question. When I was in grade school, also circa 1986, there was a series of educational games that my parents ordered for me through the school "book fair" catalog or something like it. There were a couple of games per disk, and they were vaguely carmen sandiego-ish in style. I specifically remember one about pirates that was kind of a graphical rpg thing, but very simplistic. Anybody else remember these? Any names or more specifics would be great. I've downloaded tons of ROMS, but trying to sort through them without even knowing names of what i'm looking for is difficult to say the least. Thanks!