OS 10.4.3 and installer.app problem

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OS 10.4.3 and installer.app problem

I really hope someone can help me with this. I have Installer 2.1.0 and I am trying to install PalmDesktop 4.2.1 Rev. D onto my PowerBook G4 running OS 10.4.3, but having no luck. When I double-click on PalmOneSoftware.pkg, the installer flashes in the dock, but then nothing else happens. The same thing happens when I open the file from Installer. I talked to Palm support on the phone and by the end of the conversation they were convinced that something is wrong with my installer. I'm wondering if some of the recent updates have messed things up. I have since downloaded MacOSXUpdateCombo10.4.3 to see if this would fix it, but I can't install it BECAUSE MY INSTALLER WON'T WORK! I looked for the preferences file for the installer with the intent of getting rid of it, but I never found it. Seems a little weird.

Is there anyone here who can help me??? I'm going to lose my mind soon. Thanks!