apple 23 inch display with vga

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apple 23 inch display with vga

hi, i aquired a 23 inch cinema display the one with the adc connector. im planning on using this with a powerbook when i get one (waiting for intel macs). My question is, i know i need the adc -dvi adapter, but, even with that, is will it ever be possible to have it working with my imac g4 using vga out?. Until i get a powerbook, i dont have much use for the display, but if i could use it with my imac, it would be great. is it possible without buying a crapload off hardware, i have seen dvi-vga adapters, could i just use one of those with the adc-dvi conversion box?


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I believe it was determined t

I believe it was determined that most of the dvi-adc converters do not pass the analog signal through to the adc connecter. I think you might be able to find the thread that discussed using one of these with the adc crt displays.

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VGA - ADC is doable

Dr Bott has the VGAtor. It'll convert from vga to adc. Trouble is that it isn't terribly cheap at $299. Anyways, here's the info on it. . I've seen these in action, and can vouch for them being usable.

- iantm

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