Any LCD Gurus out there?

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Any LCD Gurus out there?
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This is a Psion MC400, a relatively rare laptop from 1989. It was very advanced for the time, with a GUI, a trackpad, a multitasking OS and entirely solid-state storage. It even ran for about 75 hours from 8 AA batteries. But they were expensive and never sold well. I've always wanted one, and finally got hold of one a few months ago. Thing is, a blotch appeared in the LCD and it's getting bigger. I have no idea what it is, but could it be leaking or something? I've been very careful with it and it's not had any knocks as far as I know. Apparently the LCD is a retardation film type. Anyone got any ideas what it is? I've attached an image of the machine and a close up of the blotch, which didn't come out all that well, but gets the idea across.

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I'm no LCD Guru, but I do play one on TV . . .

I haven't the foggiest idea what's causing that blotch, but to fix it I'm betting you'll need to replace the LCD. That means you need to discover the LCD's make/model and search for the same part, or find yourself another of these machines from which to swipe the LCD.

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The fact that the blotch is g

The fact that the blotch is getting bigger indicates that it is indeed an internal leak. (Ever press too hard on the screen of a calculator? Same thing.) There's no way to fix it, other than replace the LCD as dankephoto suggests.

Normally leaks are caused by physical abuse -- when did the blotch first appear?

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The blotch appeared about a m

The blotch appeared about a month after I got the machine. I've been very careful with the machine but maybe it did get a knock. Oh well. I never thought that it would be repairable but I was just wondering what could be causing it. Thinking back, I had an old PalmPIlot that had a similar problem and that really had been abused.

Finding an LCD for it is going to be very hard as the MC line is pretty rare. I suppose I'll just have to get another and treat this as a spares machine. Shame though as it's in pretty good condition and has the original box and everything. Ah well.


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