AppleWorks 6.2.9 vs. iWorks

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AppleWorks 6.2.9 vs. iWorks

Has anyone here used both of these programs? I'm a longtime use of AppleWorks (I transferred my Apple II AppleWorks files to the contemporary version about six years ago). I know that iWorks lets you import some AppleWorks files, but don't know the full capabilities of the newer program. I did suspect that Apple was going to dump AppleWorks from their line, but last time I looked, it was still available for sale in the Apple retail store that I occasionally go into.

Does anyone care to render a comparison? How about donning the swammi turban and making a psychic prediction about the future of AppleWorks. Apple hasn't posted an upgrade for it for quite awhile (January 13, 2004).


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I believe appleworks has been

I believe appleworks has been discontinued, but they are still selling it. There won't be anymore updates. From what I've heard, iwork is a comparable app.

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Keep in mind that appleworks

Keep in mind that appleworks includes a <Basic> spreadsheeting, database and drawing apps, those are things that iwork does not include. My mum brought an iBook a few months ago uses appleworks and she prefers it over office because it is basic and does what she needs it to do.

IMHO, Apple is shooting themselves in the foot by discontinuing this product* as they are now limiting themselves to office apps and i don't know how many people use open office.

I suppose apple could always release it as a free app.

* EDIT: They are missing out on the "late" switchers or "late adopters" of computers and those who are on a budget - from a marketing perspective.

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