PowerMac 6500 and a few external SCSI CD-Rom

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PowerMac 6500 and a few external SCSI CD-Rom

I've been cleaning out the closet again. So a few more things from my stash of Mac stuff gotta go.

A Really nice Power Mac 6500 250 Mhz. 2Gig hard drive 128megs ram, Cd-Rom, Zip Drive, 1.44 floppy, AV hardware (Svideo in/RCA jacks/in, Svideo/out RCA jacks/out. OS 8.5, ethernet ready. Internal modem can be included if requested at NC. Keyboard and mouse included.
This is a very nice clean (no yellowing on the case) very very minor scuffing on the case. Good working 6500 guarrented NO DOA. This a way to nice a computer to consign to the recycler or strip for parts.
$30.00 plus shipping, Shipping is $30.00 from 76086, Shipped with delivery conformation

A few external SCSI Cd-Rom drives. I have 3 of the Generic trayloader external SCSI CD-Rom drives, all tested, all working and guarrented NO DOA. These have been checked on a 540c Powerbook and should work on most 68k machines with a built in SCSI port. They have also been checked on a Beige G3, 333MHz PowerMac DT. SCSI Cable with AC cord included.

These are heavy units (all metal case) and will be shipped in a flat rate box, Shipping $7.50. Asking $12.50 per unit. $20.00 total with shipping included.

I also have a few of the caddyload external CD-Rom drives with the CD caddy. They have all been checked and tested and come with a NO DOA guarrenty and are selling for the same price as the trayloaders shipped . Shipping is from 76086


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Re: PowerMac 6500 and a few external SCSI CD-Rom

New to this site...interested in your powermac 6500/250 for a person on my staff that needs a keyboard & mouse for hers...cannot find anywhere. How do I purchase your system?

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