Old Mac Games- Crystal Quest

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Old Mac Games- Crystal Quest

I got thinking about old mac games that I used to play 15-16 years ago (wow- has it really been that long?!!?)

Crystal Quest.... man i loved that game

What are your favorite old school games?

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CRYSTAL QUEST!! Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail (but of course)
SimCity 2000
Zork games
Deja Vu I & II (I never did tire of attempting to hit and eat everything and everyone. I used to assume this was because I was 5 years old at the time. But I got my hands on an old copy this summer and discovered that it's still fun and I'm just weird)

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i still play marathon to this

i still play marathon to this day, ive had it for 10 years now Smile you know there is a new open source project called Aleph One. you should check it out. It supports Open GL and it really makes the game awsome all over again. needs a decent amount of cpu power to run the new one but thats is understandable once you see it.

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SC2K, almost forgot that one...lol I still have porntipsguzzardo memorized...lol

Yeah, I got Aelph One a year ago or so, and my brothers and I have kinda revived some of the good 'ol times. At Christmas and Thanksgiving when the family gets together its an Apple laptop fest with killer rounds of Marathon infinity going all day...

There is another game that for the life of me I cant remember the name. It came out about the same time as Crystal Quest (looked similar- black background- bright colors for the pieces)...wish I could just remember the name...

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i used to get all the macs in

i used to get all the macs in the computer lab at school going on the appletalk network, it was slower then death on all those LC575's but it was fun! only thing is, i could only get away with it when we had a substitute teacher or something.. was soo much fun, no body had ever heard of marathon infinity and they all liked it. who couldnt? its a mac classic.

edit: i used to just split the mapfiles and make my own physics then re-merge the whole thing again. lets just say ive got countless hours hacking the game files and had alot of fun with it.

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Gotta love Apeiron!


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Ooohh...all the Ambrosia game

Ooohh...all the Ambrosia games. Maelstrom was the first Mac game I played after switching over from Atari.

I played through the Marathon trilogy again about a year ago, plus found this amazing mod called Rubicon. It's so good, it could easily have been a sequel to Infinity. VERY highly recommended.

I've got a sweet spot for Chuck Yeager's Air Combat, too. It's worth noting that the sound resources and intro screens in that game are pretty easy to modify. My machine guns held sounds from the also great Mac game PegLeg for a while. And as for Chuck, well he spent some time looking rather Goth in the title screen pic.

There's something really fun about taking an F-4 Phantom against four B-29s.

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Oooh, Pegleg is one of my all

Oooh, Pegleg is one of my all-time favorites. Also - Crystal Quest, Mortal Pongbat, and I've always been amused by Gopher Golf (minigolf).

Oh - almost forgot - anybody remember playing Number/Super Munchers in school!? I LOVE that game for some reason.


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Rubicon is an AWSOME mod but

Rubicon is an AWSOME mod but i couldnt sit still long enough to play through it! lol there are plenty of times where i sought out to finnish a game in one day and just get bored real quick (ADHD)

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Crystal Quest was cool. Anot

Crystal Quest was cool. Another was Continuum (spelling?). Marathon was the shnizbit when it came out.

A even older classic I used to love for a stint on the 128/512 was Mac Bugs! I remember playing it on a faster machine and noticed that it was insanely fast. It appears that some older softwares' tempo was paced by the CPU speed and not by a chrono-like speed which would make it unplayable on later Macs.

Ahh, nice gamer memories! Thanks!

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...............All of them.....I've got every single Doom ever made (except for DOOM III :^( ), and every homebrewed level available on any cd.

Marathon is cool, and the 3D port is even cooler, unfortunately, it, and the web address was on the hard drive that crapped out on me........

If I find it again, I'll post the download page.........you GOTTA try Marathon in 3D.

Quake, Quake II, Shadow Warrior, Duke Nukem & Duke it out in D.C., The Original Unreal (the one that started all the Unreal Tournament series)...

Star Trek 25th Anniversary, Full Throttle, The Original Wolfenstein............

Don't forget Flashback........

The good ol' days......when you didn't need a 1.8GHz G4 to play really cool games........

EDIT: Just read Smiththers post, Aleph One is NOT the 3D port of Marathon I was yapping about.....

EDIT II: OpenGL version (playable in 10.4, I just did) http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=1997

EDIT III: Marathon Resurrection is the 3D version ! I found an ACTIVE download page (100+ MBs) with several mirrors here:


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Re: Gotta love Apeiron!


Yes! Apeiron was great! and still is, in the OS X variant.

Another fave is Harry the Handsome Executive. Anybody else play that one? Mmmm... Tasty!

Maelstrom is another Ambrosia classic that I'll pull up & waste an hour or two on. That was a great one because it was so easy to hack the sprites & sounds for it. I've got a Star Trek version with sounds and sprites, and sounds for Monte Python and the Three Stooges.

Another fun space-based shoot em up arcade-style game was The Zone. Kinda like Asteroids but with a much larger playing field and smarter enemies.

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crystal crazy

I actually bought a $20 beige just so I could play that game(and a couple other ones).

it was sooo worth it.......


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